Nurburgring Trackguide

Nurburgring Trackguide DP

Slide There is no bigger challenge than the Nurburgring Nordschleife. No other circuit holds the intimidating reputation of the 20.3km, 176+turns, 250m of elevation, rollercoaster through the Efiel mountains in West Germany. Given the nickname “The Green Hell” by 3 times F1 World Champion Jackie Stewart, the winding course through the forest, with multiple tarmac changes, 4 seasons in 1 lap, driven every day by the public, the circuit can be extremely overwhelming to start with trying to remember each detail, however once learned, it will be extremely rewarding for every lap that you notch into your experience!

As it’s the most demanding, preparation is everything! I remember learning this track on the simulator for over 10years before I initially arrived for my first laps in a road car. Now after 5 years of racing the ring in the fastest cars, I will pass on the same knowledge to you that allowed me to put together this 54 overtake lap around the Ring:
One ring to rule them all... trackguide So you want to master the longest, most difficult & demanding circuit in the world… the Green Hell… the legendary Nurburgring Nordschleife! I have scored multiple overall pole positions, race wins and championships in the fastest cars at the Nurburgring, this track guide, written by me, is to help you master The Ring.

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