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Slide My process of planning, efficient use of track time, using the best analytic tools, and clear communication

I love to coach, and I take the responsibility of the progress of others as seriously as my own progression. I have spent hundreds of thousands hours on track driving a wide range of cars worldwide and just as long in the passenger seat. I enjoy the challenge of helping my customers identify and superceed their goals!
Who's it for? I help beginners on track days, & international race license holders over race weekends to be safer, faster on track. Modern or historic. I help people achieve their goals, get on track, achieve their race license, win their first race, goodwood revival, become a professional racing driver, Pre-event Send over a self assessment of where you think your driving is currently at and where you’d like to improve. 60min Zoom call to create a structured plan to maximise our tracktime. Using the Booking calendar we will agree on which dates and locations fit best and book the event. At the event Total of 8hours tracktime (full day) I will install my VBOX HD2 video data logger in your car to record sound (of my instruction), video (inboard & outboard) and data (Speed, Lateral & longitudinal acceleration) Step 1 From the pre event assessment, for the first 30mins of the day, I will drive you around the circuit to learn your cars capabilities, and to demonstrate techniques we will be working on during the day. This also allows me to set a “reference” lap on the VBOX datalogger to use as a benchmark comparison. Step 2 For the rest of the day we will work to the schedule 20mins on track, 20mins analysis of the session using the VBOX and recording notes and 20mins rest to allow the mind to process what we’ve learned and discussed. Step 3 At the end of the day I will copy all the footage and notes over to a USB/SD Card for you to take away as well as outline the future plan for your improvement. Post Event 60min Zoom call debrief available for any questions you have after the event

I will take all the precautions for Covid, including hand sanitiser, FFP2 mask and maintaining as much social distancing outside of the car as possible.
1:2:1 Coaching Speed & safety Using my 20years of International Motorsport experience I want to make you a safer, better and faster driver on track.

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