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VBOX provide HD video and data logging equipment which is easy to install, easy to operate and easy to review. VBOX products are designed for racing drivers, not engineers, meaning they are simple and intuitive to use, but have a large impact on driver performance!

David has used VBOX video and data loggers both throughout most of his motorsport career as a driver and as a driver coach, which is why he is happy to recommend these products regularly to his customers.
"For me, I can’t do my job properly without a VBOX in the car. Whether that’s driving or coaching and I recommend any driver that is interested in effortlessly capturing all their on track action and or improving their driving that they have to have one fitted in the track car or race car. I regularly consult my customers about what their needs are, I can recommend them the correct product and I can quickly dispatch the item anywhere in the world"
VBOX provide the HD2 Data logger, a 2 camera system with microphones, which uses GPS monitoring for speed, and internal accelerometers to calculate cornering, acceleration and braking forces. All which, once installed, runs almost automatically meaning one less thing to worry about when getting on track.

For more information about VBOX products and take advantage of David’s offer of 50% off a days driver coaching, installation and set up when purchasing a whole HD2 Video Data logger and other offers, please see the DPM Webshop here
Official VBOX dealer vbox As an official VBOX Motorsport dealer, David Pittard Motorsport Ltd can advise, provide, and support all VBOX Motorsport Video and Data Analysis products.

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