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Sim Coaching DP

Slide Just like in real life, drivers can benefit from learning advanced techniques to gain laptime and safety rating in iRacing and Assetto Corsa Competitizone.

As a qualified driver coach & Motorsport Engineer, I have the knowledge and best communication skills to teach you what you need to know to lower your lap times, understand the differences when setting up cars, and improve your whole package as a sim racer. Having taken up Sim Racing and expecting to be on the pace, I was surprised and impressed at how high the level of esports is. I worked very hard to close this gap to the “Aliens” and can shortcut that process for any other sim racer.
Who's it for? There are a number of options depending on your experience and what you’re looking to gain from working together. From complete beginners without a sim rig, for beginners just getting started to experienced esports athletes looking for thousandths of a second.
Sim Coaching be faster! I can help you become faster, more consistent, race better, and understand how to set up your car! Sim Racing is easily becoming the most accessible motorsport in the world, with so many drivers, and unlimited tracktime, every advantage counts to be successful!

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