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Slide If you want to quickly gain knowledge of track positioning, braking points, over taking points, gear and a set up of the most popular car and track combos, so that you can gain great results early on in the iRacing week, then this private group coaching session is for you.

Every Monday, you will gain access to a 90min private group coaching session and discord channel lead by David of the most popular up and coming car and track combos of the iRacing week. The package also includes a race and quali set up with quali video & data for your reference.
How does it work? Firstly David will virtually walk the track with you, detailing braking points, gears, reference points, and other important information about the track.

Then he will drive a couple of demonstration laps at speed.

Then for the final 60mins it is the chance for the students to take to the track, practice, get direct feedback from David on their driving and ask questions they have.
The session will be recorded from David’s point of view and it can be downloaded at any time after the event.

Max 20 drivers per session.

£10/week #PitCrew SimRacing member. Early access to community races as voted for by the #PitCrew member
Do you want to hit the ground running and gain iRating when the new circuits are released every week on iRacing for your car and championship? Monday evening
group coaching
be faster!

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